Emanuela Prister


Hello! My name is Emanuela Prister and I am running for North Carolina State Senate District 15. I am a mom, a wife, an American. I was born in Texas but I grew up in Italy and I am Jewish. I am a lawyer and I practice immigration law. These are the things that have impacted my life the most and formed the person that I am today. I used to consider myself a Democrat until 9-11. On 9-11 I saw the hand wringing and the justification of the hatred that others had for us as a Country and I couldn’t abide. I have lived elsewhere and traveled to a few places, and I know that on our worst day as Americans, we are still the best Country on this G-d’s green Earth. No, we aren’t perfect, but perfection is not of this world.
I am running because like you I seek solutions to restore power to the Citizen. Every time the government gets a little more powerful, it does so at the expense of the Citizen. We don’t need a myriad of often conflicting laws and regulations. and no, we cannot legislate every little exception. We have a government that is more interested to catering to this or that special interest group and forgets that the smallest minority and the one most deserving of protection is the individual. Every individual. When we have groups competing for power, resources or attention, we have a government engaged in clientelism. And with clientelism, we stop being citizens, we stop being equal before the law.